New Year, New You: Give Volunteering a Try with Darby Fire Company

A new year is the perfect time to pursue new opportunities – and some of these opportunities can be found in your own backyard.

For nearly 250 years, Darby Fire Company #1 has protected the lives and properties of its borough. Now is your chance to join this extensive legacy of service as a volunteer.

“We’re proud of our history and accomplishments, but we can always use more hands on deck,” says Jim Booth, who co-chairs the recruitment and retention committee. “Volunteers are essential to what we do. We owe so much to those who dedicate their time and energy to serving their community.”

Volunteers have a chance to pick up new skills and experiences from their time with the fire company. Serving as a volunteer can pave the way to a career in emergency services. And Darby provides all its volunteers with training and equipment at no cost to them.

You can battle flames as a firefighter, keep things running smoothly at the fire scene as a member of the fire police, or even just help out in an administrative capacity.

There’s a place even for young men and women looking to make a difference. Starting at age 15, training members can gain crucial education toward becoming a full-fledged firefighter when they turn 18.

There are also plenty of intangible benefits – the adrenaline rush from a fire call, for example, or the camaraderie between company members.

“You’ll find a second family at Darby Fire Company,” Booth says. “The bonds I’ve made here are for life.”

This New Year’s Day, make a resolution to serve your community with Darby Fire Company. Get started now at