Darby Fire Company #1

All it takes is a tiny spark and suddenly a massive fire ignites. Time is of the essence to keep it from becoming a disaster. Who do you turn to for the experience and training needed to help? The volunteer men and women of Darby Fire Company #1.

We are a group of over 40 active volunteer firefighters in Darby Borough- the heart of Delaware County, Pa. When it comes to saving lives and fighting fires, we’ve been the MOST AGGRESSIVE since 1775!

When a blaze breaks out, we expect the unexpected, then conquer it. We are trained and ready for any emergency and fight hard every day to keep our community safe. Now we need volunteers ready to step up and do the same.

Our volunteers come from across the area to join our team and bring with them a wealth of unique experience, knowledge and talent. In fact, many of our firefighters come from other fire stations, so they can gain the experience that only Darby 1 can provide.

“I volunteer because I like the excitement, group of guys, and serving the borough,” said firefighter John Ellis, who came to Darby from another firehouse. “Everybody has my back and I have theirs.”

Think you’re cut out to join our team? Then we want you. There are plenty of ways you can help: from fighting fires and saving lives, to simply lending a hand back at the station. Whatever your talents, we’ll find a way to use them!

Add your name to the list of proud men and women who have served this historic fire station for nearly two and half centuries. If you’re hard-working and ready to be AGGRESSIVE about saving lives, sign up today!